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My work, purely and solely, is inspired by human interactions, emotions, and their endless and undetected conversations with the cosmos. My feelings, at the moment of creation, are in the most raw state of conception, and highly energized in antithesis of the absolute silence of my studio.The paintings travel from the floor to the easel, to the large saw horses and back again, for the different levels of communication and observation. The layers of application often extend to 100 or more before a decisive finality suddenly beckons and the painting is ready for a new journey, a new home.

Galaxies of Infinite Love Exhibition.jpg


encompasses the uninhibited desire to communicate the sense of unlimited presence and energy we exude, intermingle and are a part of.

Without conceiving or planning an idea, I have allowed myself a freedom that rejuvenates my spirit, moment by moment, allowing the soul to create unconditionally.


Every drip or stroke holds my essence as a human being…. playing the roles of woman, mother, musician, painter. The connection and the awe that I feel towards the visible and the invisible, brings me into a silent energetic relationship with my viewers that touches the infinity.

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